RibbonRecovery Care Baskets Make The Perfect Gift.

Wings of Angels founder Linda Fisher holds the beautiful and comforting We Are in This Together Basket.


Our Gift Care Baskets contain carefully selected items designed to comfort, soothe the healing body, mind and soul. These gift packages are ideal for cancer patients, breast cancer patients, telling children about cancer, and other compassionate needs, making our comfort gift baskets the perfect alternative to food and flowers.

My name is Linda Fisher, and the idea for Wings of Angels Gift Baskets came to me after undergoing a double mastectomy in January 2003. Through my time of healing, I received many flowers and cards. However, when my family and friends saw the discomfort that followed my surgery, they were able to see the real need for other items that would have helped me get through my recovery time with greater ease. It was through this experience that I knew some day I was going to provide Care Packages for those coping with the most challenging times of life.

Using my own experience, I have personally handpicked items that provide comfort and encouragement when needed most. I have assembled them in a variety of Gift Baskets. For example, the 'Recovery Care Baskets' contains helpful items to relieve the discomfort due to breast cancer surgery. We also provide other packages to comfort and lift the human body and spirit through various life challenges. You and your family, friends or co-workers can provide just the right gift to show how much you care.

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift that's why it's called the present." Bill Kearn